Subham- Spiritual Incense Gift Set with 4 packs of Incense - 2 packs Dedicated to Specific Deities and 2 Packs Dedicated to 2 Yantras - ceramic burners included in gift box

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Tatva means "elements" and Yog means "union with the one" Together, Tatva Yog brings the divine closer to you by demystifying rituals and revealing the ancient meaning of sacred symbols and providing authentic, well-researched products. The agarbatthis are made with ingredients specific to the Deities they are made for.  These combination packs have been thoughtfully curated to make the Worship of the Deities more thoughtful and potent. Each pack contains two Agarbatthis dedicated to specific Deities and two Yantras to awaken the related Chakras for a holistic spiritual and meditative experience.