Utopia Scents

  • HEIGHTEN YOUR AWARENESS and cultivate positivity with the fragrant aroma of stick incense during meditation, yoga or even a relaxing spa bath. Infused with heady essential oils, they promote spiritual healing and relaxation whenever you need it.
  • 4 SCENTS PER PACK include 30 sticks of each for a total of 120 slow-burning scent sticks for your yoga studio, meditation room or bedroom. We have 16 tantalizing aromas to match your mood and reconnect with yourself in a spiritual awakening.
  • CLEAN-BURNING scented sticks are hand-dipped from the highest-quality natural essential oils. Small batches provide even saturation of the oils, and the bamboo sticks ensure that you smell only the intended aromas and not the smell of burning wood.
  • MANY VERSATILE USES include burning our incense sticks for chakra healing in your meditation room; stimulating creativity and instilling self-confidence; and even setting a romantic ambience for a special evening with your spouse.
  • AVAILABLE AROMAS INCLUDE Spicy Pomegranate; Vanilla Musk; Grapefruit Violet; Watermelon Breeze; Pineapple Rosemary; Prijatha Flower; Juicy Melon; Olive Wood; Cardemom Fire; Citrus Rosewood; Fruity Saffron; Cinnamon Sage; Silken Patchouli; Pepper Rose; Honey Orris Root; and Golden Amber
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